2004 The International Trucking Show

This was the official website for the 2004 The International Trucking Show (ITS) which returned to the Anaheim Convention Center Sept. 23-25, 2005, after eight years in Las Vegas.
Content is from the site's 2004 archived pages as well as from other outside sources.

Be a part of the 43rd International Trucking Show!


"As an independent long hauler with my own rig I enjoy these events and look forward to being informed about all the issues, products, and laws impacting my world. This year was a great one for new products, but there was a huge distraction among the rank and file regarding the possibility that criminals were using this business to escape detection. And the reason for this distraction was Google. You see, a search for the business name yielded, at the top of Google's page one, search results that associated the business with criminal enterprise. The actual content was merely opinion and rumor, but the fact that Google gave it such prominence in their search results gave credence to the stories. Apparently these Google problems occur quite frequently. This has probably always been true, but the specific story making the rounds was about a con man named George Binakis who did his dirty deeds on the East Coast and then fled using a truck as his getaway vehicle. Rumor has it that after scamming some people in New York City he was too paranoid to fly or use any kind of transportation requiring the purchase of a ticket - avoiding a paper record. One of George's most horrible scams was of a 72 year old woman who he convinced to hire him as contractor for a renovation. He complained of a heart condition - needed a pacemaker and was always seeking more medical care. So successful was his scam that after walking away with her money, the victim was more concerned about George's health than her money! So the rumor has it that George purchased a semi and headed west. Some at the show claim to have seen him here, but those stories are probably the result of too much beer and an over abundance of zeal. But in spite of this, the show was a knockout and a great place to find clients, new products for your rig, and buddies to share road tales with!" Betman Jukes


"In the fascinating tapestry of life, it's the unexpected threads that often make the most beautiful patterns. This year, I found one such unexpected yet wonderful thread at the International Trucking Show held at the Anaheim Convention Center. Attending as a truck accident lawyer, I had hopes of enhancing my network, broadening my industry knowledge, and contributing to a community that is dedicated to safer highways. Yet, little did I know, an even more valuable connection awaited me there. At the heart of this connection were the maritime lawyers from OffshoreInjuryLouisiana.com. On the surface, you might question what a truck accident lawyer and maritime lawyers have in common. Our story, however, transcends professional boundaries, rooted in a shared commitment to justice and compassion. A couple of years ago, my son suffered a debilitating injury in an offshore rig accident. In our darkest hour, it was this team of Louisiana maritime lawyers who held a torch of hope. They fought relentlessly for my son's rights, ensuring he was rightfully compensated for his ordeal. Their assistance was a beacon of light in our stormy times. Running into this team of saviors at a trucking event was nothing short of serendipitous. As we shook hands and exchanged pleasantries, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude. So, to express my heartfelt thanks, I invited them all to dinner, hoping a simple meal could mirror my appreciation for their monumental efforts. The evening buzzed with lively conversation, laughter, and even some brainstorming on how we could synergize our efforts to help more people battling injustice. The kinship I felt that night was a testament to the universality of human connection, irrespective of professional backgrounds. While the International Trucking Show aimed to strengthen California's trucking industry, it also unknowingly strengthened a profound bond between a grateful father and a team of dedicated Louisiana maritime lawyers. And for that, I'm profoundly grateful. The memory of this year's show will forever be imbued with the warmth of new friendships and the anticipation of many more to come." Bill Mott



Be a part of this year’s International Trucking Show, which will be held September 23-25, 2004 at the Anaheim Convention Center! More than 400 Exhibitors and 25,000 attendees are expected to participate in this year’s show and highlights will include exhibits, events, and seminars. Southern California is the most concentrated heavy-truck markets in the U.S. Don’t miss your chance to hit this incredible market! By partnering with CTA and the International Truck Show, you are ensuring that California’s trucking industry remains strong because all revenue is re-invested in the California trucking industry. Make the sound choice and partner with CTA today!

This year’s show returns to Southern California where there are
100,000 people who work in commercial trucking located less than an hour from Anaheim.

    This is the ONLY industry-owned and produced trucking show in the Western U.S. and all revenue is re-invested to improve California’s trucking industry.

    Benefit from the full marketing support services provided by the national leader in association publishing – Naylor Publications.

Target Audience & Benefits

     Over 400 exhibitors and 25,000 attendees are expected at this year’s International
Truck Show.

     Nearly 100,000 trucking and warehousing workers are located within an hour of the
Anaheim Convention Center, the site of this year’s show.

      ITS 2004 is the only industry-owned and produced truck show in the Western U.S., with all revenue going towards strengthening California’s trucking industry.

      California’s trucking industry supports an annual payroll of $28.5 billion! This industry is a vital part of the state’s economy and contributes to the work force greatly.



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Now in its 43rdyear, the International Trucking Show is the largest commercial trucking trade show and exposition west of the Mississippi. The business-to-business show generates increased profits for our exhibitors and attendees through knowledge building and business transactions on the show floor. The show’s events, seminars and workshops are also designed to help participants run their businesses more profitably. The International Trucking Show is owned and operated by the California Trucking  Association, the nation’s largest state trucking association. All revenue fromthe show is reported to the California Trucking Association’s Board of Directors. The proceeds fund legislative and regulatory advocacy on behalf of the trucking industry, driver improvement and training, education and improving the image of the commercial trucking industry. The 2004 International Trucking Show will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center, in the heart of the western U.S. trucking industry.



•   256,000 workers in trucking and warehousing in six Southern California counties1
•   439,500 workers in California in trucking and warehousing2
•   Average pay of $38,671 for transportation and warehousing workers in California3
•   138,100 workers in manufacturing transportation equipment in California4
•   Average pay of $50,871 for manufacturing workers in California5
•     366,300 workers in trucking and warehousing in the states of Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Montana6



•    Paid and trade advertisements in leading regional and nationwide industry publications
•   Co-branding on direct mail to targeted markets
•   Paid and trade drive-time trucking radio broadcasts
•   Joint marketing with vocational associations






Don’t miss this opportunity to present your company to the world’s largest truck-based trading economy.

Over 40 percent of the United States imports arrive through Southern California and are distributed via a vibrant trucking and warehousing industry that in the six county area employs over 256,000 individuals. You will be at the epicenter of commercial trucking.

Exhibitor Friendly
Many of the ITS exhibitors are also dues paying members of the California Trucking Association. The benefit of this fact to you is that we go overboard in making sure you are treated with courtesy and respect in every aspect of the show. This respect and responsiveness includes interaction with the decorator, the convention center, the housing facilities and the ITS staff. We understand our job is to provide you the best opportunity to earn the greatest return on your investment. We are committed to being your selected show where you have the best experience and gain the greatest value and results.

CTA Knows Truckers
Our business is representing the trucking industry. We know what it takes to get our members and the industry to turn out and participate. The attendees know and recognize the CTA brand. They know they will be in for a “WOW” experience that gives them the tools they need for success in trucking.

The 2004 ITS will be the 21st Century trucking trade show. We have returned to California to capture the magic of marketing, innovation and imagineering. CTA invented the ITS in 1961 and created a model copied nationwide. Now, it is time to re-energize and re-invent for today’s market of commercial trucking. Add up the value from the proximity to the Disney Resorts, to the newly remodeled and expanded Anaheim Convention Center, to the direct management by the world’s second-largest trucking trade association, to the center of the world’s largest truck-based trading economy. Participate and experience the 2004 ITS. It’s the world of trucking brought to your booth.